Synchronization of LTE (4G), 3G, 2G, smart grid and bank networks



Select the domain of application and then select the specific application where your require synchronization products and services

Telecom Networks

Synchronisation clocks are important to ensure QoS (quality of services) for any telecom networks. Oscilloquartz offers a full range of products for core, edge, backhaul and access network.

Power, Utilities & Transport

The Power & Utilities distribution networks, their telecommunications network and the associated synchronization network distribute accurate, stable and reliable synchronization signals to all telecom equipment.

Digital Broadcasting

The Synchronization plays an important role in DVB (DVB-T, DVB-H) for Operation Reliability of new Digital Broadcast Deployments and to improve efficiency of MFN (Multi-Frequency Network). It is also mandatory for SFN (Single-Frequency Network).

Time & Frequency

This section presents all product for Laboratory, Metrology, Time Scale, Astronomy & Space, Time Comparison, Satellite Ground Station, Time & Frequency Measurement and Low Phase Noise distribution.

Time distribution

Time server, distributors and displays

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