Time and Synchronization in Telecoms Conference (ITSF)

Time and Synchronization in Telecoms Conference (ITSF)

November 1, 2016 - Prague, Czech Republic

Time for a Smart Future       

The ITSF 2016 will take place in Prague, from 1st – 3rd November 2016 with tutorials on Monday 31st October.

The ITSF 2016 is one of the largest annual conferences focusing on time and timing technology in Telecom networks. This year, this global Conference is broadening its scope to showcase the latest time and synchronisation solutions, advances and challenges beyond Telecoms to include Finance, Broadcast, Transport, Utilities, IoT and Defence.

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Monday, 31 October

Phase Locked Loops and Oscillators
Dominik Schneuwly - Senior Network Consultant
Tuesday, 1 November

Small and Macro Cell Synchronization Case Study
Djamila Duc
In-service Monitoring of PTP Performance
Dominik Schneuwly – Senior Network Consultant
Kenneth Hann - Senior Director R&D
Wednesday, 2 November

Performance results of an optically-pumped cesium beam clock
Patrick Berthoud - Chief Scientist Time & Frequency

Enhancing NTP installed based time and frequency accuracy using PTP
Nir Laufer - PLM Director


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