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SyncSeminar 2018

October 1, 2018 - Basel, Switzerland

The Oscilloquartz SyncSeminar 2018: Addressing Critical Synchronization Topics

The SyncSeminar is the industry’s best public educational resource for networking professionals of all levels of timing expertise and responsibility.  It is open to anyone who wants to become better informed on synchronization issues.

This year, the Oscilloquartz SyncSeminar will be held in the Swiss town of Basel at the four-star Radisson Blu Hotel.
Basel lies at the heart of the three-country-triangle where Switzerland, France 
and Germany meet. The town is splitted in two by the Rhin river
Basel has all the right ingredients: an international atmosphere, openness, and a diverse population; appreciation of art and culture, support for research and education, a business-friendly environment. Together, these qualities create a climate that nurtures creativity, a pioneering spirit, and the willingness to take risks, resulting in nothing less than groundbreaking innovations.

We are glad to host the Oscilloquartz 2018 Syncseminar in such attractive and great atmosphere!


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