OSA 3230B PRC and ePRC

Cesium primary reference clock sources

Most relevant infrastructure demands a cesium primary reference clock (PRC) source that generates highly stable and precise frequency signals. Moreover, mission-critical applications cannot rely on GNSS alone for the supply of accurate timing. GNSS threats, such as jamming and spoofing, are growing. ePRTC solutions, including cesium enhanced PRC (ePRC) sources, provide the necessary immunity against GNSS outages. Our OSA 3230B PRC and ePRC cesium units are the key for assured and precise
synchronization, even in absence of a GNSS signal.

Highly accurate synchronization has become vital not only for mobile network infrastructure but also for other fields such as defense, metrology and space-related applications, as well as data centers and speed trading. Our OSA 3230B PRC is a highly stable and accurate cesium clock that provides a frequency source with an accuracy better than ±1x10-12, together with very high frequency stability. The OSA 3230B ePRC achieves this and more. It meets the much more stringent enhanced PRC requirements, including maintaining sub-nanosecond time deviation (TDEV) for at least 10,000s. This enables the deployment of enhanced primary reference time clocks (ePRTCs) compliant with the stringent ITU-T G.8722.1 recommendation. Our ePRTCs solve the GNSS dependency while providing higher performance levels than standard PRTC systems.

  • Accuracy better than ±1x10-12, meeting ITU-T G.811 PRC and G.811.1 ePRC MTIE and TDEV masks
  • 4RU front access and 3RU rear access variants for space-efficient 19” and 23” rack deployment
  • Optional digital and analog signal expansion providing up to five additional low-noise outputs
  • 10-year long-life cesium beam tube for OSA 3230B PRC variants and 7-year life for ePRC variants
  • Designed according to all relevant industry standards including ITU-T, ETSI, ANSI, Telcordia and CE; fully compliant with RoHS
  • Multiple local and remote management options for easy integration into industrial, professional time and frequency host systems


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