Customer Services

Customer Services

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Recognised as one of the world's leading suppliers of synchronization solutions, Oscilloquartz, with ADVA Optical Networking Customer Service, offer a wide variety of services. The company believes that the key to achieving total customer satisfaction lies in the services available before, during and after commissioning of the equipment. These services ensure successful project implementation and durable operation.

Depending on the project, services may begin in early stages. Prior to delivery, Factory Acceptance Testing takes place to ensure that the equipment meets the customer's objectives. After delivery site services are offered as part of a turn-key solution, including installation, commissioning and training.

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Customer Services Portfolio

Planning, expanding or maintaining a network is a time-consuming affair, demanding attention and energy – energy you can better spend servicing and attracting customers.

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The SyncSeminar is the industry’s best public educational resource for networking professionals of all levels of timing expertise and responsibility.  It is open to anyone who wants to become better informed on synchronization issues.

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Sync Survey

Cost-effective delivery of assured phase, frequency and time-of-day synchronization at the edge of mobile backhaul networks has become a real challenge. Let OSA’s Sync Survey identify existing and potential problems, helping you take control of your synchronization performance and make major savings.

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End-of-life products

List of Oscilloquartz models that are no longer sold by Oscilloquartz. Read more »

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