Oscilloquartz offers its synchronization know-how to the public through its state of the art SyncSeminar™ courses.

The Oscilloquartz 2017 SyncSeminar: Addressing Critical Synchronization Topics

Quality of service (QoS) in carrier-class service environments can only be guaranteed when networks are perfectly synchronized. New network technologies and methodologies are emerging while exploding bandwidth and throughput demands are threatening to overwhelm the network. Network synchronization is becoming even more critical to QoS assurance, especially in mobile networks. Synchronization is also especially important for the utilities (power) and finance industry networks.

This year, the Oscilloquartz SyncSeminar will be held in the picturesque Swiss town of Montreux at the four-star Eurotel Hotel. This unique venue right on the lake provides an ideal setting for learning timing basics and to gain insights into the future of high-demand synchronization networks of today and tomorrow.

The SyncSeminar is the industry’s best public educational resource for networking professionals of all levels of timing expertise and responsibility.  It is open to anyone who wants to become better informed on synchronization issues.

Hot topics during this SyncSeminar includes PTP (IEEE 1588v2) with and without phase support, Assisted Partial Timing Support (APTS) for best performance, and Assurance of phase synchronization.

Please join us to discuss and learn more on advance timing, strategies for dealing with growing service demands, and real life planning realities for synchronization in the connected world.


Date and Venue: 
The course will take place from 02nt to 04th October 2017 (2,5 days) at the Eurotel Hotel in Montreux



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