Company Policy regarding quality, environment and

Company Policy regarding quality, environment and safety

Our success and development relies on our dynamic management system and on the knowledge and skills of each employee. A clear and pragmatic market vision enhances and anticipates our customer satisfaction.

The policy is based on the following principles:
  • Ensure a capacity sufficient to provide products and services with guaranteed quality and reliability, and in adequation with the high requirements of all our markets - time and frequency sources, synchronization equipment for infrastructures, time and frequency components for equipment supplier, ...
  • Apply a marketing policy that ensures the development of new segments, products and services, that will fulfill future market requirements, so that our customers can continue to be serviced as loyal.
  • Provide, in the appropriate time, the adequate products and services at the best price, while ensuring also a correct profitability and meeting the objectives assigned by the shareholders.
  • Motivate each employee to feel committed to apply a permanent, proactive approach, oriented towards continuous improvements as well as "doing it right the first time".
  • Give an adequate level of training to each employee so that he/she may acquire, maintain and develop the global company know-how.
  • Be imaginative in anticipation to the evolution of the customers and market needs.
  • Adapt our working approach according to be in line with our customer requirements, as well as to the technical, environmental and security regulations, laws and standards.
  • Cultivate flexibility to satisfy the diversity of our proposed solutions, in all the business segments.
  • Ensure compliance to human and ethical rules of respect while choosing partners, suppliers and subcontractors. Excluding, for example, unfair exploitation, child labor or links with criminal companies.
  • Contribution to the protection of the environment, by developing products and services reaching the highest related normative requirements.

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