Oscilloquartz SA Presentation

Oscilloquartz Presentation

Oscilloquartz was founded in 1949 in the picturesque city of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, situated in the heart of Europe’s traditional watchmaking region, a trade going back more than 400 years. This heritage places Oscilloquartz as the world’s leader in design and manufacture of high-quality quartz crystal oscillators and allows the company to offer unrivaled experience in the development and manufacture of affordable synchronization systems for the telecommunications industry.

Stable frequency sources are crucial to the effective transmission of digital signals. Since the outset, Oscilloquartz has specialized in frequency technology and developed quartz crystal oscillators to the highest level of technical achievement. The value of Oscilloquartz’s manufacturing capabilities lies in its highly skilled personnel, whose commitment ensures that the company retains and continually enhances its core competences in the areas of R&D, production and final testing. It is this commitment which enables Oscilloquartz to confirm its leading position as THE synchronization supplier for today’s current and as well as tomorrow’s future telecommunications.

In April 2014 ADVA Optical Networking acquired Oscilloquartz. Together we provide our customers with a number of unique differentiators. We provide the industry with a smooth evolution across multiple generations of synchronization technologies. From legacy SONET/SDH to highly accurate frequency-and-time solutions for packet-based networks. We are the first that integrate the delivery and assurance of synchronization. We are the first that ensure everything remains in sync.

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